Plastic bottle recovery to the environmental cleaning effect


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Plastic bottle recycling on the environmental cleaning effect in 2009, approximately 303,000 tons of plastic packaging received recovery through its own way of carrying and roadside collection, in this total, the proportion of plastic bottles accounted for 263,000 tons, while the remaining 40,000 tons Is non-bottle plastic packaging. We have to properly look at these recycled plastic packaging, and if you connect all the plastic bottles of 2009 in the UK, it will be twice that of the round-trip distance between the earth and the moon, or can be more than 43 laps around the earth. The continuous growth in the recycling of household plastics is used in accordance with the actual situation and standards, which is fully used in the environmental protection.

According to recent survey, the British plastic bottle recycling business is increasing at 46%. This news is more amazing. It is necessary to adopt important technical standards in the recycling business of plastic bottles, and fully use the important contribution and role in recycling, maintain the environment's cleaning effect, and fully adopt corresponding market standards.

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