PET plastic bottle contrast to PP plastic bottle


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

PET plastic bottles with PP plastic bottles have a lot of plastic bottles, and the plastic bottles of different materials are also different, and the PET plastic bottles and PP plastic bottles are below. In general PP plastic bottles, add 0.1% -0.4% sorbitol xylene xylene into nuclear agents, which can produce high-spirited PP plastic bottles. PP plastic bottle is good, the bottle type is sensitive, peaceful, sanitary and content of the taste insistence, is inferior, the price is cheap, and the price is cheap.

The size of the PP plastic bottle in the beverage packaging shopping mall has gradually developed from PET bottles, modified resins, penetrants, and mechanical equipment skills, making the PP container replace glass, PET and PVC containers, with broad shopping mall prospects. PET plastic bottles are mainstream of beverage packaging. The dominant position in the Chinese beverage packaging industry should be PET plastic bottles, so far, there is no better or better package material instead of PET plastic bottles.

The PP bottle is mainly one-step note pulling and two-step heating pulling molded machine modeling PP bottle has the advantages of tightening, robust, heat resistance, and the price is much lower than the radical data. It can be filled with heat filled at 100 ° C, while the general PET bottle fill temperature cannot be higher than the glass transition of 76 ° C. PP is about PET5 times for water, and PP preform is equipped with a low price of PET preform.

PP bottles are longer than the cycle of PET bottles.

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