Where is the development of plastic bottles development?


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     If the plastic bottle is saved, it will go to Dongguan Rich Plastic Bottle Factory. The supplier here is reliable and reliable, which allows you to buy a good plastic bottle packaging. At present, my country's condiment packaging mainly uses plastic bottles, plastic bags, aluminum plastics, glass bottles, etc. Plastic bottles producers will gradually improve and innovate.

Here are what is the development situation of the seasoning plastic bottle?     Most of the packaging of some low-grade condiments in the market are the use of plastic bags. From the material side, the plastic film is very suitable for sauce packaging. However, if the plastic bag is used, there is a defect in the function of the second sealing. The sauce food is usually more smell. Whether it is placed in the refrigerator or the cabinet, once the sealing is opened, it cannot be sealed again. The smell will be lost, although the cost of plastic bag packaging is low, but its defect remains to improve. For medium and high-end condiments, it is generally packaged with a glass bottle, which is equipped with a suitable plastic cover to facilitate repeatedly opening, and this packaging also has aluminum-plastic sealing films for extending food shelf life.

Among them, the wide mouth bottle is the most common, and there is also an individual use narrow mouth bottle.     For those small-specific condiments, most of them use aluminum plastic packaging, this packaging appearance print is very beautiful, its shelf life is longer. However, this also exists the defects of the second seal. If during the eating process, once there is no timely use, the smell will lose.

     Above we analyzed the deficiencies of these packaging, facing this problem, now there is already the appearance of PET port plastic bottles, it can solve the second-sealing defect of packaging, already in some jam, sesame sauce Get a wide range of use and have been very good, and also won the universal recognition and ever of consumers. This can be concluded that the development trend of the flavoring plastic bottle will tend to develop in the direction of PET portable plastic bottles.

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