Wine bottle packaging enterprise "new way"


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

For wine bottles, the past few years is a difficult period, the downturn in the domestic liquor market has fallen seriously. In the overall market environment, the market demand for bottle packaging is also shrinking. This is a victory for some small and medium bottle manufacturers.

Other bottles of bottles are also impacting the share of the glass wine bottle market, ceramics, plastic, aluminum bottles are squeezing the market space of glass bottles enterprises.   For many glass wine bottle manufacturers, in the overall environment of the entire market, many manufacturers have chosen transformation, and they have turned the tentacles to yellow wine, rice wine and other past niche packages. At the same time, some manufacturers have introduced new production lines, starting to turn to the juice beverage glass bottle market, which brought new vitality and opportunities for companies.

   In the future, we believe that the liquor market will gradually get out of the downturn, and the bottle packaging companies will also get more opportunities, so we will continue to adhere to the traditional market and innovation is the way out.

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