Application of various PET plastic bottles in packaging


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Article Guide: Plastic Bottle Manufacturers 1. The development of Polypropylene Mandarin Polypropylene (CP) is the hot spot in domestic and foreign plastic packaging in recent years. It has good gloss and transparency with other common plastic resins, with strong appreciation, expectation. 2. The Mandimomin's PET plastic bottle is now a packaging container that is increasing and cosmetic manufacturing plant.

Nas, Blue Moon, Kimi, Inflatable and other companies, brands of bottled, skin care, laundry, etc., first use PET information packaging containers. PET, high-intensity, high-precision plastic bottles produced by telescopic forming technology, commonly used capacity can rise from tens of millimeters to number of jars, Tongming and gloss, excellent plasticity, impact resistance, and Size stability has good chemical function, with good resistance, has the advantage of softness of touch. 3. PTG plastic bottle PTG plastic bottle has a good application prospect for cosmetics and its own maintenance.

Its excellent advantage is that the gloss of the appearance, the feeling of hand, gorgeous color and Tongmanti, DD resistance, anti-impact, and resistance, the patentability is still unchanged. Its processing, recycling, environmental protection is in line with the needs of modern manufacturers. The current demand for consumers in the appearance of the goods is getting higher and higher, making the cosmetics packaging plan is increasingly important.

There is a beautiful, textured thing, which puts a very high demand for the regulance, but the excellent processing of PTG has become a planning concept. 4. Nanotechnology plastic bottles have a certain share of nano information in the raw materials of the plastic container, can improve the chemical function of the plastic container, thereby improving the function of sex, chemical resistance, and ultraviolet rays, and strengthening the patience of the container It will definitely have a certain role to reduce the cost, and the goods are competitive. For example: polypropylene 6 nano plastic.

That is the information of the advanced packaging film, in the polyester PET and PC nano plastics, there is a fire resistance, the enhancement is relatively pure, and the expensive polyester resin is expensive, and the need for food packaging needs, direct beer, cosmetic packaging bottles. Can blow. Ordering Hotline: Mobile Yao Manager: + 86-15916785363.

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