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Processing technology of pharmaceutical plastic bottle: Characteristics of pharmaceutical polyester raw materials for bottle bodied polyester (PET) raw materials are satially linear thermoplastic polyesters, mainly used functional indicators: characteristic viscosity should be controlled at 70 ~ 85ml / g to make the blow molded bottle have high mechanical strength and transparency. The PET plastic bottle is used in a bottle having a large volume (greater than 2 liters), and the characteristic viscosity of the polyester raw material is 70 to 75 ml / g. Needle blow molding pharmaceutically acceptable bottles preferred materials for higher characteristic viscosity indicators.

Because of the accuracy of the use of raw material varieties, it is related to the selection of the production process parameters of production and the quality of the bottle. Three positions "Note - Blow" bottle machine three stations are distributed at an equilateral triangle at 120 °, of which the Yi-yi is the injection molding station, the second station is a blow molding station, The three-station is a descending station. These three stations can operate simultaneously, not only greatly improve production efficiency, but also connect to the conveyor belt, automatic counting packaging, and truly realize the "unmanned contact" of the whole process of pharmaceutical plastic bottles, thereby ensuring the clean and hygiene of the product. .

Zhangzhou MGG Medical Packaging Co., Ltd. specializes in producing various pharmaceutical plastic bottles, perfect quality, excellent performance. The company has advanced technology to provide quality products for the pharmaceutical packaging market, which is consumer trustworthy. In the current pharmaceutical packaging market, there are many kinds of medicinal plastic bottles, and there are different specifications. There are small, colorless, transparent, diverse, and different shapes.

So how should I choose? Cangzhou MGG Food Packaging Company recommends that you can grasp the following principles, you can pick a suitable pharmaceutical plastic bottle from a dazzling item. From the perspective of production equipment, a pharmaceutical plastic bottle produced by injection molding equipment is formed, and the bottle port is injection molded when molding, thereby ensuring the size of the bottle opening and the threaded portion, and then blows the bottle body. The formation method of this kind of equipment is adapted to the special requirements of Chinese medicine glue * tablet packaging, which prevents volatilization and external pollutant air in the bottle to penetrate into the bottle, ensuring that the bottle mouth and the cap are Good sealing performance, for this majority manufacturer, produce plastic bottles from the extrusion blow molding equipment to the injection molding equipment to adapt to the special requirements of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle.

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