Seasonable bottle packaging safety and humanization


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   Seasoning bottle packaging has always been a field we pay attention to. Because it is about daily life of each of us. The advantages and disadvantages of seasoning bottle packaging determines the safety of seasoning products, the quality of seasoning bottles also affects the daily day of our housewives.

Therefore, there is a need for targeted analysis for some current status of the current seasoning bottle market.   For the safety of seasoning bottles, there are many materials in the flavoring bottle packaging market, with metals, glass, and plastic. Among them, the plastic is mainly PET material, and the safety of these materials is very concerned.

It can be said that in a normal use environment, the flavor flavor of the PET is safe. But because of incorrect usage habits, plus the kitchen environment is high temperature, in such an environment, the PET material can maintain stability, whether it is a safe, is a big problem.   In addition, there are many problems in the market in the market in the market, such as: opening difficulties, not good control dose, etc., there is a large improvement space.

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