Correct understanding of transparent plastic bottle packaging


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Regarding the plastic bottle, the transparent guarantee has become the mainstream market in recent years. After all, the packaging of transparent plastic bottles can make consumers directly watch the package object, so that the customer can realize the quality of the product, so that consumers The product has a sense of trust. We all know that now consumers have a lot of quality quality issues in the product, especially in recent years, food safety issues. Obviously, transparent plastic bottles can make consumers to enhance their trust feel and safe to consumers.

This is also other types of plastic bottles that cannot be combined.    Of the market's considerations and the advantages of transparent plastic bottles, more and more manufacturers are concentrated in transparent plastic bottles on the production layout of plastic bottles, and the author is different. Although transparent type of plastic bottles have many advantages, opaque plastic bottles are still surviving space. First, the chemical plastic bottle, there are many products that must use opacity packaging, which is mainly because chemical products are very sensitive to light, and must be protected.

Second, some sensitive products, privacy products, also require opaque plastic bottles. Therefore, the opaque plastic bottle packaging market has its own living space.    For our plastic bottle manufacturers, whether it is transparent or opaque needs to be adjusted according to the market and products, can not be scrapped, everything is to see the needs of customers.

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