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Cosmetics packaging products are widely used in all areas. Especially in small capacity packaging. The packaging products of the cosmetics are mainly different depending on the shear properties, heat sealing performance, and the friction coefficient of the material surface.

A lot of packaging forms are used in the packaging field. Its bottle cap is locked, the size of the torque value is one of the technical parameters of the offline and online focus control of the production unit. Is the torque value suitable, the intermediate transportation and final consumption of the product have a great impact.

When the torque is detected, the opening of the cap will lock and detect the sealing detection of the package. Cosmetics have good visual aesthetics. It must be noted that the material is fully provided in the decomposition test, so that the "non-slip" phenomenon of the material does not occur during the exam, but when the consumer actually opens the bag, the surface of the material is in size and material The crack is not suitable, and there is also a case where the grip is insufficient.

According to the storage requirements of cosmetic packaging products, its performance is mainly divided into two parts: saving content, product appearance. Of course, the basic mechanical indicators of the packaging materials must be met. As the preservation of cosmetics, the isolation of the material, the detection of the air body analysis and sealing property, the beauty of the packaging appearance can directly affect the sales of the product, the main impact elements are external printing, openness, packaging materials Surface touch, printing effect, cosmetic intergenerative Kum label has viscous properties detection.

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