Blowing mold cost reduction needs internal and external combination


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   As a part of the production of plastic bottles, it has repeatedly talked many times before the cost analysis of blowing molds. However, the cost of blowing the mold has always been difficult to find a valid solution. I have said that I have to start from the outside, and the manufacturers share idle blow bottle mold resources, establish a lease and other systems to achieve cost reduction.

So, will there be a way to reduce costs from the blowing mold itself?   The author believes that you can try from the following aspects. First, the material of the blowing mold is used to find an alternative material. At present, steel is mainly steel, and the quality is reliable, but the cost is not rich.

Finding the cost is more excellent, performance is as superior, so you can effectively reduce costs. Of course, this is not a simple thing, there is a lot of energy development and investment. Second, the change in the internal structure of the mold is blown.

We all know that the shape of the blowing mold in the current market is fixed. Every time a plastic bottle shape is new, you must re-use the blow mold. Flexible changes can be performed in the internal construction of the blow mold.

A mold can vary from 2 or more blow cylinders to change by milk, which will effectively reduce costs and improve mold usage.   We believe that the blow molding mold needs to be combined from the inside and outside, two aspects start, in order to effectively solve the problem of high cost.

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