Eat oil bottle packaging diversity is trend


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

  Now, with the development of the market, bulk oil has exited the historical stage. The category of edible oil is also increasingly rich. As people pay more attention to dietary nutrition, all kinds of edible oils appear in the market. However, compared with the more and more edible oil of the variety, the edible oil bottle packaging has changed, 5L and 1.8L PET transparent plastic edible oil bottle packaging has always been the main packaging form in the market, we are in the supermarket shelves It is also roughly seen that these two packaging forms.

   No matter what type of edible oil. In fact, for packaging, it has always been a new package when the manufacturer has launched a new series of products. For the current market's edible oil bottle packaging, we believe that manufacturers are very different from the product, more reasons are in the consumer of food users on user traditional consumption habits.

In addition, the traditional design of edible oil bottle packaging is very good or reasonable from the convenience of use.   However, the market cannot be never changed to packaging. As more and more edible oil product categories, differentiation is an inevitable trend.

Therefore, the variety of oil bottles packaging in the future is inevitable.

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