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Dalian wholesale manufacturers provide quality plastic packaging bottles. MGG is a well-known food plastic packaging bottle, transparent plastic packaging bottle processing company, you can buy our products must be reliable. The surface of the beverage bottle is mutual with organic antibacterial agents Combined, it will eventually enter the cells, and a certain chemical reaction can occur with the substance inside the cells, which will eventually result in damage to the tissue system in the cell membrane to achieve the efficacy of the inhibiting microbial regeneration. The beverage bottle also uses a photochemically catalyst and an inorganic antibacterial agent to bind to each other. This antibacterial principle ensures that the beverage bottle can form a certain amount of oxygen free radical on its surface, which has strong chemical activity. The microorganisms in the beverage bottle can be fully decomposed to achieve good antibacterial efficacy. The anti-bacterial technology of the beverage bottle has played a very prominent effect in the food activity packaging. In the production process of some food, the first step is to sterilize, and finally use aseptic packaging in the beverage bottle or is the form of fungi packaging, so It can guarantee that the beverage bottle is not damaged during transport, and it is also conducive to the storage after use.

Antibacterial design of the beverage bottle is not only the quality of the guarantee, but also extend the shelf life of the goods, and guarantees the safety of the product. Municipal Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of beverage bottles, production, and sales. The company has been following the steps of the times in the times, grasping the pulse of the development of the times, and timely obtain the latest information on the beverage bottle market, time update Hesped their own development. Below, the latest style of the development of beverage bottles is summarized by the company.

Multilayer co-extrusion blow molding technology. The products produced by multi-layer co-extrusion blow molding can meet the needs of the protection of the built-in substances. At the same time, it can also meet the novel needs of the appearance. It has good barrier performance, which can protect the quality of the inside of supplies, but also very Good visual effect. Green packaging material.

Since the current consumers have high requirements for the environmental performance of the product, major companies have also begun to pay attention to the environmental protection of the product, on the one hand, develop new environmental materials, on the way, consider the recovery of materials, and strive to make the plastics on the market. And the packaging is green. The status of the beverage bottle is high.

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