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If you want to change the shape above the surface of some solid plastic bottles, for example, for some parts of the solid plastic bottle, it is necessary to increase the groove of the surface of the solid plastic bottle or a rib, so that Improve the rigidity of the solid plastic bottle and the anti-bending ability, the longitudinal groove employed or the rib, which can eliminate the solid plastic bottle without shift, sag, or deformed state below the long-term load. When designing a solid extruded plastic bottle, if the material is required to be a groove or a reinforcement, the cross-sectional area of ​​the solid plastic bottle should be a rectangular or an elliptical shape, and the material is a low density polyethylene or It is a flexible plastic bottle that is preferably circular for the cross-sectional area of ​​the solid plastic bottle, so it is very convenient to extrud out from the solid plastic bottle. If you want to make the wall thickness of the solid plastic bottle is uniform, it should be noted that the shape of the solid plastic bottle must be symmetrical, and it is necessary to reduce the extreme stretching, for some transitions The excessive method of the arc is employed.

For the printing surface of the solid plastic bottle, it is where consumers are most concerned, so the surface of the printing must be flat, and it is also continuous, and if the solid plastic bottle contains handles, grooves or strengthening ribs, this structure It should be noted when designing should not be inconvenient to bring the print operator. For the display of solid plastic bottles, there is a certain advantage of the function of the goods, and it is also possible to show the functionality of the goods through the appearance of the beautiful, colorful, surface lightness, etc., which can be attracted Customers, and can inspire customers' purchase desires. In the 1980s, as my country continued to introduce advanced solid plastic bottles production line from abroad,"Plastic"generation"glass"The prelude, from this solid plastic bottle is widely used in the packaging field.

The maximum feature of solid plastic bottles is the quality, not broken, clean, beautiful, and some technical indicators and large amounts of data indicate their chemical resistance, and the water-resistant steam permeability is excellent. It can completely in the validity period of the product. The product acts as a safety shielding and protection.

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