Development direction of plastic packaging - environmental protection


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Plastic products, especially the plastic bottle is one of the most industrial products in people's daily life, with a large demand. However, after the plastic bottle is used, it is discarded, but it has a great pressure to the environment, so the plastic products must be developed in the environment. In the 21st century, environmental problems are becoming more and more important, and resource energy is more tense. It has become a global focus and urgent tasks, and has become a national development and human activities of all walks of life.

In order to meet the requirements of the new era, the plastic packaging materials can meet the increasing demands of the market on the quality and quantity of the market, and the development must be saved, saving energy, easy to recycle, easy to dispose or Net or degrades the starting point of technology development. Plastics packaging new materials, new processes, new technologies, new products continue to emerge, and are moving through high performance, multi-function, actively adopting new raw materials, new technologies, broadening applications, and plastic packaging and environmental harmonic development. Highly blocked plastic packaging materials, due to the rapid development and extensive application of high-quality, preservation, protection, and extended shelf life, except for the currently used polyvinyl chloride (PVDC), ethylene, vinyl alcohol copolymer ( Outside EVOH The development of nano-inorganic materials, etc. will be more eye-catching.

Metal polyethylene (MHDPE, MLLDPE, MPP) can further improve the flexible packaging of many properties such as intensity, toughness, transparency, blockedness, heat resistance and processability. Will be greatly concerned and are welcome to welcome. Functional packaging material, such as functional preservation film, sheet, microporous breathable film, select transformable packaging film, multi-functional heat shrink packaging film and special function, convenient (easy to open, easy to seal) packaging Materials and products will have greater development.

The maximum advantage of sterile packaging materials and technology is in sterile conditions, no preservatives, no need for refrigeration, to maximize the original nutrients and flavors of food, can greatly extend the life of shelf, convenient storage and transportation, market development Very rapid, the use is expanding, except for the addition of the dairy products, the peak drink, will further expand into the field of medical products, cosmetics and condiments. Nano-composite packaging materials will rapidly industrialize with the rapid development of nanotechnology. Due to its abrasion resistance, hardness, strength, blotting, plasticity has significant enhancement and improvement, except for food packaging, it can also be used for special packaging Such as anti-static, anti-electromagnetic, anti-mid explosion and invisible, dangerous goods packaging, etc., it is expected that it will prompt traditional plastic packaging materials to produce huge changes. Environmentally friendly (environmentally friendly) plastic packaging materials (or green plastic packaging materials)

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