Material development history of health care plastic bottles


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

The use of coating technology to make barrier plastic bottles have been declining, and Germany Krones AG has begun to cut production scale. KRONES and Coca-Cola Company developed the BestPET technology, coated with silicon-containing coating in the outer surface of the bottle. A spokesperson of the company claim that due to the high cost, the barrier performance of oxygen is insufficient, this technology has been out of time, Lile Company has also terminated the study of silica plasma coating system applied in the inner wall of PET bottle Work.

In addition, Italy SIPA has developed a new type of barrier coated material for PEN bottles. The trade name is smart coat, and its process is: after blow molding, after the bottle, after coating, then put it into infrared rays The bottle is quickly dried in the oven, and then coated with the second time, then the bottle is cured under ultraviolet radiation, and a standard cake can be treated approximately 12,000 plastic bottles per hour. One of the application objectives of this PET bottle is to filling carbonated drinks. According to the company, 0.5 liters capacity, single use through the PET bottle, the shelf life of the goods can be up to one year, but not docked The product shelf life of the PET bottle is only 7 weeks.

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