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Summer is coming, a lot of love sports people like to buy some functional energy beverages. Can effectively supplement the energy consumed during exercise. But many healthys are worried that additives in these drinks will harm our health.

So is there any natural sports drink? In fact, it is honey. Is it very strange? Talking about honey, in the eyes of many people, it is just a nutrition, how do you take a relationship with your beverage? In fact, honey is rich in glucose and fructose, they are monosaccharides can be very human. Good absorption. The energy consumption after exercise is very large, so this time, timely taking a drink, you can supplement energy.

And honey plastic bottles used to install honey are green and environmentally friendly products. Some friends who love fitness are exercised, and the muscles are very sore, mainly producing very much lactic acid. And honey water can quickly speed up the growth of muscle fibers, eliminate the muscles of exhaustion, and will not let you get fat.

Fruits in honey can also provide you with stable energy, improve your exercise, so that your fitness effect is more than half. So is an ideal sports energy drink. Garlic and onions can't be put together with honey, Lin garlic is hot, honey cold, and the nature of the nature is consumed to be unfavorable.

Onions cannot be eaten with honey, they will be harmful to human eyes together, and it is easy to make perspective decline or blurred vision. Watermelon can not be eaten together, because there is a large amount of vitamin C in watermelon, this substance will have a significant oxidation reaction in some substances in honey, which will make the vitamin C to destroy, and people can't absorb after people. Nutrition, and toxic substances generated during oxidation reaction will also be accumulated in the body, and time will affect human health. Guangdong blow molding plant, find beautiful fruit plastic, beautiful fruit plastic 14 years focus on blow molding toys, custom production of blow molding containers, please pay attention to beauty fruit blow molding bottle manufacturers, fast channel, you can contact phone WeChat 13922288294 , 0752-3737979 or consult online customers, the company is dedicated to serve you.

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