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The current world economy has changed, and domestic industrial structure is also in the continuous upgrade phase. During current industrial upgrading, some low value-added companies have encountered unprecedented challenges by a wide variety of business dilepsings, facing a variety of difficulties. Today, we will talk about plastic bottles in transition storms.

There is a variety of problems in front of the plastic bottle. Let's carefully analyze. First, the plastic bottle belongs to the labor-intensive industry, and the current human cost is rising. For plastic bottles, artificial costs have become huge pressure.

Secondly, the prices of raw materials have risen, and are rising in various markets, and the raw materials have increased significantly, which gives plastic bottle companies that have caused another layer of pressure. Again, with the European debt crisis and the weak world economy, the foreign trade orders of the plastic bottle gradually decline, many foreign trade enterprises have transferred the domestic market, which brings greater pressure, prices for domestic plastic bottle markets that have been competitive. The war is getting more powerful, and the profit of the company is getting lower and lower. For plastic bottle manufacturers, in the current situation, in the case of pressure, it should take the road to the industrial upgrade. In the plastic packaging field, we will try to improve the added value of the plastic bottle.

From the production of plastic bottles, design and sales of all links have been continuously improved.

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