Knee pain? Use a plastic bottle to get


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

The knee is the top of the human being loaded. Many people have swollen pain when they go to the stairs, gradually grow bone, abrasive cartilage, leading to the knee. It can be used to strong knee joints with plastic bottles. Prepare a mineral water bottle (empty).

Open the two foots to the width of the 1 fist, and then clamp the mineral water bottle with the knee (adding the hot water to the hot water) to keep your feet a little for 2 minutes. This little action can exercise the muscles around the knee, when you exercise, the blood supply is supplied, and it will remove some cold, cold, and treat knee pain. After completing the above action, pick your hands hot, then press the knee joint, and press the inside.

Regular knee joints can promote blood circulation and effectively treat knee pain. You can also use your hands to shoot the nose, the position of the yin: knee, in the depression of the knee tibia and the outer tissue. Take the yak nose every day, you can promote blood circulation, improve knee joint blood supply, and treat knee pain.


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