PET food grade plastic packaging bottle difference between PET plastic bottle


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What is the difference between PET food grade plastic bottles and PET plastic bottles? In fact, they don't have a substantial difference, but there is a point very important, which is a lot of food, health products, condiments and other manufacturers attach great importance to this point, because the food grade is in line with the material packaging, although it is PET material, but more food-grade certification is different, and the plastic bottles of plastic bottles that meet the food packaging will be more assured. Dongguan is rich in plastic bottles for more than ten years. It is also a certain requirement for the choice of materials. It is the use of PET materials, and the rank of rich products is mainly for large food plants. Health products factory, condiment manufacturer, packaging, rich design and research and development of thousands of different shape-sized plastic bottles, and additional silk screen labeling services to address customer packaging bottles You can use it directly to buy it and reduce complex procedures. The style of the PET plastic bottle can also be diverse, can be made into a circular, square, bamboo shaped, shaped, etc., the PET plastic bottle itself is transparent, but it can also change its color, it can be made into a variety of The color, if the food factory needs to be exclusive to customize special color and bottle type, then involve it to find a manufacturer to open the mold to make plastic bottles packaging.

PS: Is it good to choose a local supplier or have a certain visibility? As a plastic bottle manufacturer, the suggestion is to see itself, if you need a big amount, then you can find a plastic bottle manufacturer with a certain known place, because this is mature for the process and quality requirements. And it is best to look at your own supplier, which will be safe to worry about it.

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