Glass bottle packaging in solid packaging market opportunities small


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   Dongguan Rich Plastic Products specializes in producing plastic bottles, PET bottles, food plastic bottles, health products plastic bottles, HDPE plastic bottles, PET plastic bottles, food plastic packaging bottles, health products plastic packaging bottles, plastic cans, consultation phone: 0769- .   For solid product packaging, many glass bottles have been packaged in the form of glass bottles, mainly in the past packaging form, many emerging packaging materials market, which makes solid products basically use glass bottles, such as dried fruits Glass bottles, candy tanks, pickles glass bottles, etc. People have gradually started to accept and use this packaging form. However, with the increasingness of packaging materials, the advantages of glass bottles are getting lost.

The glass bottle packaging of the solid class is thick and the production cost is high. On the other hand, the solid glass bottle packaging capacity is large, frangible, and the logistics is inconvenient. The author saw that the market in the market in the market has gradually been squeezed in the market, and a large number of plastic bottles are used in solid product packaging. It can be said that the solid glass bottle packaging market is gradually lacking.

We boldly predict that future glass bottles will gradually lack in solid product packaging.   We believe that the future liquid market is a glass bottle to be graspful. Unlike solid-specific products, liquid products have requirement to seal and rays.

Liquid glass bottles have some advantages in packaging, such as controlled glass bottles, screw glass bottles are difficult to be replaced by other packaging materials on packaging medicinal liquid products. For example, a wine glass bottle, a beer glass bottle, because some attribute needs of liquid products, plastic bottles are difficult to take.   For the author, the glass bottle manufacturers should focus on the liquid sector, and the solid packaging is appropriate, which is more feasible.

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