Difference to PET plastic bottles and PP plastic bottles


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Although the material of the plastic bottle has a lot, depending on the material, the role and characteristics of the plastic bottle are different, so please try to compare plastic bottles and plastic bottles. Features: PE is soft, the touch will have a wax texture, with the same plastic compared to light, there is a certain transparency, and the flame when burning is blue. Poisonous: non-toxic, harmless to the human body.

High-density polyethylene (Hare) sold in the market, density 0.945 ~ 0.9 g / cubic cm, melting point 125 ~ 137 degrees. Linear low density PE (Llare), density of 0.925 g / cm centimeter, melting point of 120 to 125 degrees. High-voltage low-density PE (HP -L magnetic), density of 0.918 g / centimeter, melting point 105 ~ 115 degree polypropylene (PP): microwave oven cutlery, pot, plastic bucket, thermos, woven bags, etc.

Features: High chemical stability, good hygiene, high heat resistance. The cutlery of the electronic microwave oven selects plastic products. Poisonous: non-toxic, harmless to the human body.

Such polymers can have three stereoscopic structures: the rules, rules, no regular polyahal, the first two crystals, the latter cannot be. The basic listing of the city's polypropylene products is the structure of the melting point 164 to 170 degrees, the crystalline portion density is 0.935 g / centimeter, and the non-cleaning portion is 0.851 g / cm centimeter. The biggest disadvantage of PP is easy to age.

Now, overcome the absorbent of antioxidants and. Polyester (PET) application: plastic bottles, vials, cosmetic bottles, oil bottles, and various bottle caps, insulation covers. Features: Good transparency, not bad, good chemical stability, suitable for packaging of a variety of liquids or solid drugs.

It has good shielding of ultraviolet rays. Poisonous: non-toxic. The PET plastic bottle is the mainstream of the packaging of the beverage.

In China's beverage packaging industry, it is a PET plastic bottle. So far, no plastic bottles are better than PET's plastic bottles. The PP bottle is mainly a PP bottle that is formed in a molded gaze and a 2-step heating in the molding machine is the advantage of tightening, strong, and heat resistance, and the price is much lower than the radical information. It is possible to produce high-precision PP plastic bottles by 0.1% - 0.4% Sandi Eklen shrink nucleating agents, spray, blow, injection, and other methods.

PP plastic bottles can withstand temperatures, bottle type sensitivity, goodness, hygiene and content of food insistence, is inferior, price is cheaper than PET, PS, PE and other materials. PP plastic bottles, the size of the use of the beverage packaging market is close to the skills of PET bottles, sex resins, peasants and mechanical equipment, and PP containers can replace glass, PET and PVC containers, and broad market prospects. Ordering hotline: 0752-3737979 Mobile phone 13922888294 (WeChat) Xia Miss Xia.

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