Glass bottle crushing rate on the market


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   We have always thought that our consumers believe that the stability of the glass bottle is better, and the packaging is more secure and reliabar. In recent years, more and more food products have begun to return to the glass bottle packaging. However, there is a problem with the glass bottle packaging is to not be ignored.

The glass bottle is high, and this problem has not been resolved. With the crushing rate of the glass bottle, a series of related issues naturally also appear.   First, the crushing rate of the glass bottle can lead to inconvenience of transportation.

The glass bottle belongs to the packaging, which requires a wide range of long-range transportation. It is obviously not adapted to the current business community. The highly crushed product is naturally unacceptable. Second, high-breaking rate is hurt for consumers. We often listen to various glass wine bottles, and the glass fragments are reported, these are due to the fragile glass bottles.

   It is very urgent to improve the follow-up performance of the glass bottle. Once the crushing rate of the glass bottle is resolved, it is believed that the glass bottle is in other packaging container competition such as plastic bottles, and can win more opportunities.

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