Where is the new market opportunity of the bottle cover gasket?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   Bottle cover gasket, relatively, this is a very small field, at present, domestic manufacturers engaged in bottle gaskets around hundreds. The main function of the cap gasket is to enhance the sealing performance of the cap and protect the health safety of the products in the package. Strictly speaking, the cap gasket is subjected to two forms of gaskets and sealing membranes.

For bottle cap loading, the current problem is that the product has low profit, no added value, completely rely on the number to make money profits. How to further broaden the market, improve the added value of the product, is the aspect of the bottle cover manufacturer needs to think and strive to expand.   First, the centralized area of ​​the bottle cap gasket is currently in the market is in many fields of food box medicine packaging market, other chemicals, cosmetics and many other areas, and the use of bottled gasket is not wide.

This gives the bottle cover manufacturer market space has a large broadening space. What is needed for bottle capsae manufacturers how to play a bottle mat in these new fields, bringing better product protection for consumers to make manufacturers better accepted. Second, the additional function of the bottle cover gasket is further enhanced for the additional value of the cap gasket, thereby improving the profit of the bottle cover gasket.

For example, the bottle cover is added to the product desiccant, the role of sterilization, etc., these are worth the bottle cover manufacturer to try.   For bottle cover manufacturers, don't bow on a limited market, you need more efforts to make continuous product improvements.

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