Insufficient in the watery water bottle packaging


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   Medical bottle packaging, eye drops can be said to be a more important type. With the popularization of computers, mobile phones and other equipment, it is getting higher and higher. People's eyes stay in front of the screen a day.

This also leads to a variety of myopia, and there are more and more eye diseases. The market demand for ophthalmic water has been continuously increased in recent years. The market use of ophthalmic water bottles is also growing.

From the related data of the China Packaging Bottle Network, the market demand growth in the optic water bottle is doubled each year.   Under the market demand, eye-catching water bottle packaging is constantly upgrading and updating. The earliest ophthalmic water bottle in the past is mainly PE material, and it is relatively simple.

Now with the development of the market, the eye drops are getting richer and rich. Pet eye drops occurred, hard eye aqueous bottles. Even because the eye drops cannot be preserved for a long time, ordinary eye water bottles have too much capacity, and now the market has also introduced an easy-to-one single eye drum.

These have proved that eye-catching water bottles packaging more market, and consumers are increasing, it is a good trend.   However, the author believes that there is a problem in the ophthalmic water bottle is that there is a big problem when dripping. We have a lot of time when we drip water, it is difficult to drop into your eyes.

Improvements for eye drops, it is more urgent and necessary.

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