Discussion on quality inspection method of food packaging plastic bottle


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

In response to the inspection of the plastic bottle adopted by the food packaging, the staff should strictly inspect and examine the intensity, sealing performance, and the overall quality of the package, and the most important thing in accordance with the relevant standards of the test. One standard is also the guiding ideology of inspection work, that is, no matter what packaging, its material and quality must ensure the safety and hygiene of food. According to the specific inspection contents and processes of the food packaging of the plastic bottle, the purpose of the test is clearly verified, and it is hoped to provide some advice and opinions for inspection work. 1 Structure intensity test The plastic bottle is a food product of the packaging material. It is often affected by extrusion, landing, and so on, if the overall structure of the plastic bottle cannot reach the specified strength, then it is likely to break The phenomenon, its internal food will be quenched with white and white, giving suppliers and sellers bring great economic losses.

Therefore, in the inspection work, first, strict test detection of the structural strength indicators of the plastic bottle, the specific content and way of inspection are field inspections and simulations, and some of the plastic bottles are packaging food, in the actual food transportation , Handling and entering the reservoir storage and other key procedures for inspection and testing. If it is bottled water, it is necessary to test under the full installation standard. During the test and inspection, the inspectors should record the cases of each simulation test, especially the defects and shortcomings that have to record them, and find the cause of the problem by analyzing and study, and then determine the quality of the plastic bottle itself. problem lies in.

In addition, some plastic bottles packaging need to be applied to test equipment and equipment for inspection and testing. At this time, the inspectors should reasonably select standardized and standardized test equipment and devices to carry out multiple detection and verification to prevent errors and deviations. 2 Sealed Effect Test the sealing performance and sealing effect of food packaging is an important thing in the inspection work. If the food packaging does not have good sealing performance, then internal food will contact the outside air long-term contact, especially plastic. Bottles of water or drinks, etc. In actual inspection work, inspectors focus on their external gas permeation and testing, these two tests are important contents and components of the sealing performance of plastic bottles, and it is also an important indicator for measuring their sealing effect. .

The seal mentioned here is more than just the seal of physical properties, using a packaging material with high sealing performance to completely isolate contact between external air and internal food, and mainly considering that part of the gas is under certain conditions, incorporates Packaging materials, thereby passing through incidental reactions to food and food, causing food quality. So the key inspection object of inspectors is whether the anti-permeability of the plastic bottle reaches the application standard. After scientific inspection, it can be found that the sealing of plastic bottles.

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