Shampoo bottle packaging diversity is trend


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   Talking about the shampoo bottle, often in our minds, the image is fixed, the plastic bottle with butterfly cover varies. This main reason is that the shampoo market is mainly monopolized by several well-known brand companies, and there are not many indispensable market sections. However, the market is always developing. As a part of the people riches and the increasing middle class, the future shampoo market will continue to subdivide, rather than being unchanged, the same shampoo bottle packaging will definitely present a diversity .

   In the future, with the difference in shampoo market positioning, the high-end shampoo bottle packaging will be a packaging that requires a more high-grade material. The author believes that acrylic and glass materials will be the type of packaging with the future high-grade shampoo bottle packaging. The acrylic shampoo bottle is more popular than the glass shampoo bottle.

On the shampoo cap, it will use a more high-grade metal, while the shampoo bottle with pump head is more popular. At the same time, for ordinary shampoo bottles, we believe that it will also differentiate, and large-capacity shampoo bottles may be more suitable for consumers with more barber shops or family members. With the increase in people's outdoor activities, the market will introduce small capacity shampoo bottles that are carried with you.

   In short, the shampoo bottle packaging market will be more diversified in the future.

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