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   How to prevent injection molded product depression When a thick material such as ribs is more than the material wrinkles of adjacent walls, the lands in the injection mold will develop. The presence of this feature produces a thicker region that cools slowly than adjacent regions. Different cooling rates result in a depression on adjacent surfaces, that is, the dent known.

   This defect represents a general limit on plastic product design and molding, especially in thin-walled walls such as TV fluorescence screens and displays. Although the toy will often have a clear visible on the surface, the consumer electronic component must be unable to carry. The formation of dents can be attributed to one or more factors, including the processing method, component shape, material selection, and mold type.

Where partial shape and material selection is usually determined by OEM manufacturers, it may not be easy to change. However, several aspects of the existing mold design of the monogram may affect the depression. The cooling flow path design, the gate type and gate size can be diverted.

For example, the small gate of the tunnel gate is much faster than the edge gate of the edge gate. Too early gourge cooling will shorten the pressure time in the cavity, which may increase the possibility of dent.   For forming vendors, control process conditions are methods for dealing with depression.

The pressure and time seriously affects the depression. When the components are filled, the excess materials are filled into the cavity to mitigate the effects of material shrinkage. The shorter compression phase will increase shrinkage, produce more or more dents.

Although the molded operator can adjust the pressure of the pressure to improve the dent, this method may not reduce the dent to an extent that can be accepted. Other methods include micro-adjustment of the mold replacement, or processes such as gas assisted and foaming.

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