Why is the glass beer bottle packaging


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   Now, packaging technology has developed rapidly, and the material materials are increasingly rich. However, in the beer market, the glass beer bottle is still absolutely leading, and other packaging materials are difficult to improve in this market. In addition to traditional tanks, plastic beer bottles, beer bags, etc., have almost no good market space in the beer market.

The author has been thinking about the root of the problem. We believe that there are some basic reasons.   First, the usage habit of the glass beer bottle, people have a good usage habit for the glass beer bottle.

For merchants, it is easy to replace packaging, which will face the pressure of market performance. So the merchants will not take risks easily. For consumers, the use of a packaging material has gradually become habit, and it is not easy to accept a new packaging shape.

Second, huge costs. At present, the entire filling line of the glass beer bottle is already mature, and it is necessary to replace other packaging forms such as plastic beer bottles, and it is necessary to pay great funds for beer manufacturers. Finally, the circulating usage rate of the glass beer bottle is very high, and has formed a very complete recycling system, enabling new material packaging, and the entire recycling system will be disrupted.

   For some new form of beer bottle packaging, you must go deep into the glass beer bottle, and only this is likely to get a market breakthrough.

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