Diversified form of soy sauce bottle packaging


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   In the past, soy sauce is based on bulk, soy sauce is a must-have thing in everyday life. In recent years, with the increasing nature of soy sauce packaging, the packaging form of soy sauce bottles is getting richer. Mainly glass sauce bottle, plastic soy sauce bottle, disposable plastic sauce oil bag.

These packaging forms correspond to high, medium and low-grade soy sauce bottles.    First, the glass soy sauce bottle is generally positioned in high-end packaging, but the glass soy sauce bottle is often not very convenient, and it is more cumbersome. At the same time, it is not convenient. Second, it is a PET soy sauce bottle, a soy sauce barrel, which is a major packaging form in recent years.

This type of packaging is convenient, and the appearance is more varied, which is very popular. Finally, it is a one-time plastic sauce oil bag, low price cost, and use it if the user experience is not very good.   For soy sauce bottle packaging, with the development of the market, there should be more forms in the future.

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