Teach you how to create a better life with PET plastic bottles?


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Beautiful girl teaches you how to create a better life with PET plastic bottles? The PET plastic bottle forms a plastic bottle with a blow molding, including cosmetics, daily washing, food beverage, handicraft, medicine, and other packaging bottles, this process is formed by injection molding, forming a PET plastic bottle Why do PET plastic bottles create better life? PET plastic bottle has a common quality feature: the mouth of the bottle should be flat, no damage to the gap, complete thread, complete crystallization, no overflow, no shift, no deformation, inside and outside should not have oil. The bottle is well formed, high transparency, no bubbles, black spots, oil, sparms, scratches, hard rings, atomization, white, non-colored bottles, no significant color difference. The bottom mold is well formed, no depression, no convex, no centerless shop deviates, no breakage of the bottle, no layers.

The jar is cleaned, dry, no oil and dust, no odor, no impurities in the bottle. After the filling, the bottle mouth and the bottle have no contraction, the non-flat bottle, and there is no side wall deformed. Huizhou Meiqi Plastic Products focuses on multi-variety, fast-running, mass production of PET plastic blowing, free proof, corporate business is open, injection molding, blowing bottle, printing, hot stamping one-stop service, saving your company 50% Time, 30% of the cost, with mold development, PET plastic bottle design, silk screen pattern to blow bottle, injection molding, silk screen printing one-stop service.

The product continues to introduce new, walk in the forefront of the times and trend, and can develop new products, new packaging, and meet the needs of different levels of market according to customer requirements. Looking forward to the future, the beautiful fruit is confident, dedication to create a better life, hurry to do your better life! Click for details of www.hzkepend.com customization plan! ! ! .

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