Prerequisites for manufacturing plastic bottle caps


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     Everyone knows that plastic bottle cover is a must-have tool for producing plastic bottle caps, which has a certain shape, specifications, size, and outline. What is the contour shape design of the mold looks like, then use it What is the plastic bottle cover produced? This means that the forming mass of the cap mold is associated with the plastic bottle cover is a focus. The quality of the mold directly affects the final formation quality of the plastic bottle cap.

In summary, plastic bottle cover molds have decisive role in plastic cap products. The following small series will tell you a necessary condition for manufacturing plastic bottle caps. I. Cover mold design: The design department of the manufacturer is usually designed with advanced 2D · 3D soft mold.

This software is not only available for plastic bottle cover molds, but also other complex plastic molds. Designers with rich experiences, with the help of advanced design tools, can design a variety of simple and complex bottle caps, which can meet customers' requirements for various cap shapes. Second, using a thermal flow system: the bottle cover injection mold is processed using a thermal flow system with good thermal conductivity.

Its thermal conductivity is fast, and during the production of the cap, it can be rapidly warming, and it is very ideal for heating effect. There is a mini nozzle inside each of the cavities of the bottle cover injection mold, so that there is a great injection molding flow and a smaller bottle cover, which is very good. Third, materials and processing tools: Plastic bottle cover molds are produced using high-quality steel in the process of production.

In order to meet different processing needs, other mold steels are selected to produce structural cavities, cores, guide posts, frames and other structures. These materials have high hardness and excellent workability. In the process of manufacturing, the system is used in the CNC processing, which has high precision coordinate boring machine, as well as high pressure EDM molding machine, can ensure the accuracy of the molding of the plastic bottle cover and high quality.

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