Plastic bottles have juicy vinegar, is there a toxic substance?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

In order to ensure the health of the diet, it is recommended that vinegar is best to dress with a glass bottle, and the vinegar will be loaded into a vial to facilitate use, and the glass bottle is applied. It is less likely to dissolve. In general, if you use a plastic bottle to dispensed vinegar, if you write "No. 5" in the bottle, it is polypropylene, which is PP material, high stability, heat resistance 100 ° C to 140 ° C, with corrosion resistance and Acidic acid, which is also less than toxins. The trace can be discharged by the liver and kidney but if the treasure bottle is vinegar, because the treasure bottle production process is added to some catalysts, the vinegar may have a trace of "antimony", long-term consumption will hurt the heart, the liver, kidney.

It's just that the people don't need to worry too much. Due to the taste of vinegar, the amount is not used, and it is not necessarily consumed every day. Even if the plastic bottle is full, it produces a trace toxin, unless long accumulated and very large, will be harmful. Usually, if there is a micro toxin, it will also be discharged from the liver and kidney, and it is not too nervous.

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