Beverage bottle packaging and plastic vertical bag competition


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   In the past, for the challenge of beverage bottle packaging, we have always considered from aluminum cans, paper packaging. However, it seems that the mixer is not in the absence of these two, the emergence of vertical plastic bags, the market share of the beverage bottle will form a big impact. In the perspective of the author, the vertical plastic bags have a lot of advantages, and the cost of vertical plastic bags is low, which is a big advantage than other packaging.

For a large number of beverage markets, there will be great advantages for the low cost of beverage packaging, which is a huge challenge for the beverage bottle. Furthermore, the vertical plastic bag is a novel packaging, novel appearance, which is also a great market advantage for a certain period.   Of course, the beverage bottle packaging also has its own market advantage, and the consumption habits formed by users have long been able to change in the short term.

At the same time, for plastic beverage bottles, high recovery rates, high utilization this is the other material packaging type that cannot be implemented in the short term.   The author hopes that the beverage bottle manufacturer can improve, so that the beverage bottle can have more advantages to compete with other packaging materials.

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