Experts say: PET plastic bottles are repeatedly used to harmless


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Many consumers have the habit of reuse the useful beverage bottles. Re-use of beverage bottles can be reported to cancer, and consumers who have had such habits have a small panic. Recently, the Secretary-General of the China Plastics Processing Association Technical Collaboration Committee, Yang Hui, a senior expertise in the Professor-level senior engineer, said that the common PET plastic bottle can be used repeatedly, consumers don't worry.

The common beverage bottle is marked with the "triangular package number", where the different materials and safety hazards represented by the numbers often see the reports, which in turn have attracted the public nervousness. In this regard, Yang Huizhen explained that the triangle in the logo consists of three scope flags, meaningful to recycle, the number 1-7 is a bottle material referred to as the material is not available. Yang Huizhen said that the number "1" at the bottom of the plastic bottle refers to the terephthalate, referred to as PET.

A large amount of such materials in the manufacture of beverage bottles. "The main role of the digital label of the plastic packaging is to facilitate the classification process of recycling, although the industry's product is defined as a disposable product, but the security is reused. Yang Huizhen believes that PET material food packaging There is no nitrogen element, and there is no media report described in the media report that can cause carcinogenic hydroxylamine ingredients.

She said that consumer habits reuse the behavior of PET plastic bottles will not affect physical health.

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