Factors affecting the quality of plastic bottles


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

There are many factors affecting the quality of plastic bottles, induction, mainly include the following aspects: 1. We need to produce plastic products, then the plastic mold is required, so plastic mold is the basis of plastic product production, so the quality of plastic molds It is directly related to the quality of the plastic parts. The precision requirements of the plastic mold, the mold structure, mold surface treatment, etc. will be reflected on the plastic parts. So for customers, you have to find a suitable plastic mold factory, which is the first place.

2. Plastic molds need to be placed on the injection molding machine to produce plastic parts, so the requirements for injection molding machines will also affect the quality of the plastic parts. For example, the size of the injection molding machine, the injection molding parameters of the injection molding machine, etc. 3. After all, the plastic products are produced, so people are also very important. The quality of the plastic parts produced by the technical experienced transfer masters is often better than the quality of no experience.

From the above analysis, qualified plastic parts need mold quality, injection molding machines and three manufacturing workers.

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