Five-point common sense to be known for plastic bottle buyers


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

1, the sealing of the bottle and the cover, water vapor permeability. Sealing and water vapor permeability is two important technical indicators of plastic bottles, which plays an important impact on the stability of the packaged product. 2, no matter what raw material, the plastic bottle must first be in line with non-toxic, no taste, etc., due to the wide variety of primary raw materials, this requires the use of the comprehensive performance of raw materials, general tablets use high-density Ethylene, polypropylene, if the transparency can be used to select a polyester bottle (PET bottle), if the barrier performance is higher, and the resistance, opaque, use brown PET bottles, liquid dosage type drugs generally use polypropylene bottles or polyester bottles as Main raw material.

At present, domestic nutrition and health products and food packaging bottles are mainly made with PET or HPDE, and the cap is pp. 3, plastic bottle product quality standards. From the production plant product quality standards, it can analyze the quality of the product quality.

4. It is known for packaging drugs, nutrition and health products, and food drinks must not use the "food plastics and raw materials for food plastics and raw materials" promulgated by the recovery materials. Packaging materials must not use recycled plastics. "5, quality assurance system. Audit the supplier has become an important part of purchasing plastic bottles.

Through auditing, a comprehensive correct assessment can be made to the production plant's soft, hardware facilities, technical equipment and quality comprehensive levels. .

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