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1. Instead of the material, advanced food beverage company and alcoholic beverage brand, continue to choose plastics in various reasons. Little BGBBS Creative Director Jieni Iato, for the recent new project Wish-Bon, "We have chosen plastic, compared to the glass bottle, the weight is smaller, and design a variety of packaging innovation. Help .

Guaranteed quality and price reasonable. In addition, our customers can handle safe processing. According to NUNZIATO, the bottle of polyethyl phsate (PET) has a series of advantages.

For example, a 750 ml glass bottle has a weight of about 400 g, a 750 ml of PET bottle is roughly a rough weight of the former, and a 4G of 5 in the former is also 5. From the perspective of transportation, its light weight is more suitable for the environment when transporting the PET bottle. In addition, those rugged durability can also be safer.

In the next year, we hope more beverage companies away from the glass bottle, facing plastic bottles. 2. The choice of ordinary containers Many beverage brands try to use innovative materials for their bottles and packaging, we can even see some trends. One of them is the stilllhous of whiskey manufacturers, chooses metal packaging for their independent alcohol brands.

Stillhous announced the 100% stainless steel packaging used by the industry for the first time. The choice of metal materials can be traced back to the prohibition of alcohol, and under their leadership, other strong wine brands can also be further improved! Stillhous is exhibited on the 2016 New York International Packaging (Eastpk), and you can also see a lot of innovative packaging design. 3, the friendly packaging of the abolition of the zero scheme is no longer a new concept, but it is still a sustained growth tendency.

Companies and consumers more realize innovative utilization methods and the advantages of these methods. In addition, the brand of large alcohol is leading the innovative research that actively supports the innovative research of biological bottles. Because of the continued cooperation with ECoxPak, it has been important in the use of zero waste materials, and the company's goal is to reduce the use of 100% of the green fibers to reduce the beverage bottle.

4, vertical soft bag vertical soft bag, continued to popular in the next 12 months. Each brand likes such packaging forms, which can print vivid design patterns, which is to give the packaging designer's true innovation freedom. In addition, the vertical soft bag is provided as a brand, providing greater possibilities than the possibility of appearing in the competitors and shelves.

The vertical soft bag is light than the metal can and plastic bottles, and the empty bag is flat, which can be shipped and stored, just occupying a part of the truck, meaning the footprint of the environmental carbon is the lowest. By 2018 packaging market is expected to reach $ 37.3 billion. 5. Retro packaging design When talking about the trend of design, we hope that in the next few months, the old fashion from poetry, such as Lamu Town wine brand Donpita, to the nearest aar Retro design of the food industry, such as the ice packaging of drums, with limited colors and traditional flat printing appearance.

We look forward to seeing a lot of design in food and beverages next 12 months. And because there are several brands to create missing, the wine industry has appeared this old packaging.

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