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Plastic bottle packaging application expands the use of plastic bottle packaging, but there are also fields that do not involve plastic bottles. These areas are all other packaging forms such as plastic bags and paper, or some emerging product types. These products have adopted plastic bottles and plastic bottles in recent years.

For example, in the plastic bottle of the fish, there is a plastic bottle with big fish. The previous fish may be other shapes of plastic bottles, and now, according to the packaging of the plastic bottle, the product level will also appear. For example, hardware products such as screws, screws, in the past, using a packaging form such as a carton, a plastic bottle and a plastic bottle. Due to the new field of these plastic bottles packaging, many purchases are difficult to find the target product.

Many plastic bottles manufacturers are not paying attention to these emerging fields in the fierce market competition. We recommend actively entering this area, develop these emerging products, or have a good opportunity to develop. The transformation of plastic bottles enterprises are now weighing the transformation type of the industry.

For our countries where the population disappears, the transformation is an inevitable choice. However, as a plastic bottle packaging manufacturer, especially small plastic bottle manufacturers. Jumping not only requires enterprise to enter new equipment, but also need to maintain the driving of existing enterprises.

Many small and medium-sized plastic bottle manufacturers often regardless of their survival, there is no time to consider the future development of the company. Small plastic bottle manufacturers, large plastic bottles manufacturers are transformed. Faced with a growing survival pressure and difficulties.

Therefore, in the current market, the manufacturer of small and medium plastic bottles believes is necessary to respond. The author believes that for medium and small plastic bottle manufacturers, as the ideal state, you can find buyers with development potential. These purchases are not large.

Although the manufacturer of plastic bottles is not high, there is a growing order for corporate plastic bottles with potential potential. In this process, the transition type upgrade is often realized. The problem of plastic bottle production enterprises can't catch up with the production speed. At present, there is a problem in my country's plastic bottle products: the label bottle produced by the enterprise is 8.8 grams. The product uses less material, thus reducing resource consumption, fixing waste and greenhouse gas. The discharge reduces the impact of the environment.

On the other hand, the intermediate product, Crete 27 grams, the product not only produces about 3 times the resource consumption and waste of the above products, but also increased by 10 times. Re-rendered products have brought great profits to the enterprise and retail industry, but it can be imagined to affect the environment.

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