One of the ways to recover in the cap: Process use


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   With regard to the cap, the author has talked about the recycling channel in the previous article, and a large number of bottles have not been recycled and the recovery rate is low. Recently, the author found that the bottle cover is a good choice to use the direction of the process. Craft bottle caps can make bottle caps to produce great value, which promotes the recovery of the cap through the market lever, is obviously a very effective road.

   There are very many kinds of caps, and the process development of different types of bottles is also different. For example, beer bottles, mainly based on tinplate, and the style is more unified. It can be developed into a variety of beautiful gadgets, bottle openers, Peel cutting tool, etc. Such as ordinary plastic bottle covers, because of the variety of colors, can be used to make a variety of fine decorative paintings are good choices.   The key to the development of process caps is the participation of designers.

Pay the market by the idea of ​​designers. Once the market is welcomed, it will naturally have a big demand for the recovery of the cap, and the recovery rate of the cap will naturally improve.

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