Neffle, use a PET plastic bottle, vegetables can't finish it! Save a lot of money


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Neffle, use a PET plastic bottle, vegetables can't finish it! It saves a lot of money, if you like to eat bean sprouts, use a plastic bottle to make it full of bottles! Prepare 1 or 2 plastic beverage bottles, such as a Coke bottle, cut off the bottle mouth to 1/3 with scissors, and poke a slightly smaller than the green peas in the bottom of the bottle, soaked Green beans are directly placed in the bottle, and there is a piece of wet cloth. Was around the beverage bottle group with a black plastic bag, place it in a cool place, pay attention to not let the bean sprouts see light, otherwise the bean sprouts will stroke, the mouth is poor, the first two days will give the bean sprouts once every 6 hours, bean sprouts I don't think that growing up, one thing is one day, until the 4th day, the bottle is a bean sprout, and you can be cooked! If you like the soy sprout, change the green peas into soybeans, such a bean sprout, environmental protection and safety. Eat yourself, super satisfaction, happy with wood, try it.

Tomato is ready for several large bottles, cut off the bottom, put on the rope, then put the tomato seedlings and soil, the vegetable seedlings stretched out from the mouth, then hang up, water water, and finally waiting to gain! It is enough to use PET plastic bottle of green vegetables, cut off the bottle of the plastic bottle, leave the upper part, then play two holes near the bottle mouth, then fill some soil, as a vegetable foundation soil, you You can bury some vegetables seeds, small cabbage, oil wheat, spinach, hollow dishes, etc., put some water in the bottom of the bottle, bury a cotton rope in the soil, from the cap stock to the bottom In the water, it is convenient for vegetable growth to absorb moisture by cotton rope, so a "small garden" is done, and I don't remember that watering is also complete! I use PET plastic bottled vegetables organic and healthy. The saves money can add life every day. How to build your own small garden, come and take a look at the beautiful fruit:

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