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Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

For the food packaging industry, PET food bottles are generally packaged in low, medium and high grade products. After all, it is a focus on food, safety issues, and food manufacturers often choose the product packaging of the appearance of the appearance at the choice of plastic bottle suppliers. If the price is cheaper, it will be better. However, is the truth? It is also a PET food bottle.

Low-end products and high-end products are often different from workmanship and raw materials. The high-end PET food bottle is more embarrasted by the material, and the product is more thick. If the production environment does not meet the standard, there is no relevant qualification certificate, which seems to be almost products to ask questions on quality security issues.

At present, some plastic bottles manufacturers attract customers at low prices at low prices in order to save raw materials, and use raw materials. These waste PET plastic bottles have heavy metals and acetaldehyde content. Once the food is safe, the hit will be fatal.

It is not easy to build a brand that is not easy to pursue the impact of low-cost proxy. If you pay more attention to the brand's long-term healthy development, you can't only pay attention to product prices and work when you choose a plastic bottle. You'd better examine the scale and production environment of the company under the ground and have relevant qualifications.

Some plastic bottle suppliers give prices very attractive, and there is no problem with the product. Once the quality of the product is unstable, there are food safety risks. The size of the company is too small, although the cost is low to give a lower price.

However, management is definitely no standard, and the environment in the production workshop is even worse, product quality and security issues are not guaranteed. Terminal We recommend choosing a PET food bottle provider, choosing a strength manufacturer is more important than the price, after all, the brand is the core assets of the enterprise.

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