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About Beijing plastic packaging bottle prices, you can consult MGG companies.< br / >MGG is a large domestic plastic packaging box, food plastic packaging bottle manufacturer, advanced manufacturing technology, our company sincerely look forward to your visit. The formulation of food packaging standards is a system engineering, not only workload, but also need to cross The cooperation of the industry can be completed, and there must be food production enterprises, but also have a packaging production enterprise involvement, and also requires the standard drafter to understand the performance of various plastic materials, well-known food manufacturing process and characteristics. Therefore, food production enterprises and plastic packaging manufacturers should actively participate in this work, and promote food plastic bottle standards as early as possible. In recent years, PET / HDPE plastic bottles have been applied more and more to liquid food plastic bottles.

The plastic bottle has the characteristics of large, rugged, light, easy, easy, refrigerated, recycling, etc., expand its application range in the field of liquid food packaging. Taking the beverage industry as an example, according to incomplete statistics, the current global plastic container consumption of the food plastic bottle is more than 10 million tons per year, and its production and sales are in terms of 10% to 19% per year. In the dairy industry, acidic milk beverages have maintained more than 30% of the high-speed growth in the Chinese dairy market for three consecutive years, and become a category that has developed potential in the dairy industry.

Plastic bottles are packaged in the container used in acidic milk beverages. The fastest packaging type is long, and its development speeds exceed the growth rate of the product. The large packaging acidic milk drinks greater than 350ml are new products that have emerged in the market in the past two years, and their market share has increased rapidly, and the target customer group is 18 to 25 years old. After several years of development, the consumer population of large packaging acid milk beverages continues to expand, and PET plastic bottles have also become the dominant packaging form of large packaging milk beverages.

A small packaging HDPE plastic bottle of acidic milk beverages below 220ml, and its core consumption group is a child. After more than ten years of development, the market foundation of small packaging HDPE plastic bottle acid milk beverage is solid and developed quickly. The HDPE plastic bottle has become the dominant packaging form of childic acid milk beverages, and the market share is as high as 94%.

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