Write plastic tells you where plastic bottles are alternative to glass bottles!


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

The plastic bottle has a long time, the development is very fast, has replaced the glass jar in many occasions, now in many industrial plastic bottles have become a trend, such as large-capacity injection bottle, oral liquid bottle, edible seasoning bottle , Daily product bottle, etc., this is mainly because it has many advantages: 1. Quality Light: Manufacturing plastic bottle material is smaller, depending on the volume of container, which is the same container mass than plastic bottles. 2. Low cost: Plastics can reduce raw materials and transportation costs, so the total price is relatively inexpensive. 3. Good sealing: Plastic uses a reliable sealing structure, so inside can be effectively protected.

4. Strong plasticity: The plasticity of plastic is greatly increased compared to glass. 5. Convenient printing. The surface of the plastic bottle is easy to print, which is good for promoting sales.

6. Save time and effort: reduce the glass bottle cleaning process, which effectively saves human cost. At the same time, plastic bottles can also effectively reduce noise pollution during production. 7. Convenient transport: Plastics weight is easier than glass light, load transportation and upper and lower goods are easier to damage.

    8. Safe and durable: Plastics are not easily damaged by glass during transportation, storage and use. .

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