The customs customized PET plastic bottle is so creative


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Plastic bottles are usually used to install food, candy, health products, medicines, etc. Plastic bottles, its benefits, you can transparent like a glass bottle, but the glass bottle is resistant and will not be broken, bringing these manufacturers to transport and great convenience. After using the plastic bottle can be used again, but you know how many ways to use plastic bottles, let's take a look at these interesting pictures: This is the new plastic bottle to decorate the decoration flower, is it very beautiful, no decoration Previously it's predecessor. As shown in the figure: an ordinary food plastic bottle; you can also change the ordinary plastic bottle to make a more creative small commodity packaging bottle, is also very popular.

Is this like a button to flip over? You can also put the bottle that is just a solid, used to install a drink, because the plastic bottle can be refrigerated or frozen, see if this cold drink is on the grade; the above is some of the creative packaging of the merchants, when the buyer bought the goods back It can be used in this way: if your watch box is broken, you can also use plastic bottles to store, convenient and good; you can also modify the used plastic bottles, become a creative light, very情 吧 吧 吧 小 大 处 是 不 不 不 不;;;; 不; 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 药 药 做 操 操 操 操 操 操 花 操. So don't underestimate a small health care bottle, food packaging plastic bottles, they are used.

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