Analysis of the role of chocolate packaging


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(1) Product protection role. Chocolate packaging has an important role in maintaining product structure, product quality. When the external temperature exceeds 25 degrees, when approaching 30 degrees, the performance of the chocolate product will have a serious impact.

Since the chocolate itself exists - some fat has a lower melting point. When the temperature is too high, it will begin to melt, and this partially melted fat will move to the chocolate surface and a soft phenomenon. In addition, if the external environment is too humid, the sugar present in the chocolate will begin to absorb moisture, and the coating of sugar can also lead to the mold of the product. Therefore, the primary role of chocolate packaging is to achieve a good heat insulation, no wet effect, through the best packaging form and material, so that chocolate can maintain their own form And flavor, effectively extend product life.

(2) Effectively prevent microbial and dust pollution, and improve product safety. The chocolate product itself belongs to a high protein product, so it is especially important to do a good job in dust and anti-microbial pollution. Because nutrients and proteins in chocolate are a very good microbial medium. If there is a little inadvertently caused bacteria pollution, then chocolate will change the harsh phenomenon such as deterioration, resulting in its use value.

Therefore, in order to effectively avoid pollution, fully guarantee food hygiene safety, it is necessary to take strict packaging to chocolate. (3) Beautiful product packaging can effectively stimulate consumers' purchase desires to stimulate consumption. In market commodity competition, the quality, packaging and price of goods are basic three maintenance. In the process of commodity leading to the market, packaging design has also become an important part.

Products with exquisite packaging, often bring a strong visual impact, that is, when people see the beautiful products, they will inspire people's purchase desire, stimulating consumption. Therefore, under the premise of not affecting the production design cost, the exquisite packaging design is an important role in improving the popularity of the product. Dongguan Fuwan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. produces plastic bottles, food plastic bottles, health products plastic bottles, seasoning plastic bottles.

The famous plastic products in Guangdong Province were established in Guangzhou in 1999, moved to Dongguan, Guangdong, 2009. 20 years focus on plastic bottle production and sales, become the supplier of world famous enterprises such as Disney, Amway, and beautiful, and establish a strategic partnership with the Miyuan Spring, Jiangsu Jiangshan Pharmaceutical, Dongguan National Medicine Group. Its material has PET, PE, PS, etc., can be opened, can be self-contained with golden cover (sub-gold, sub-silver), plastic cover (swirling, anti-theft cover, tear cover, lid, fan cover, toothpick cover Wait).

Dongguan is rich in R & D team specializes in developing new plastic bottles, and the track market trend and international level. From raw materials - check acceptance - injection - submerged bottles - test - packaging into the warehouse, layers. Master the international level of plastic bottle manufacturing process, the whole process controls product quality.

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