Garbage classification has come, how do plastics manufacturers seize this opportunity?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

At present, the most hot is subject to the topic of garbage sorting, Shanghai as a city that has implemented garbage classification in my country, people and things about garbage classification, occupying the entire first version of the headline for a while, the garbage classification gives us plastic bottle manufacturers What effect? First of all, garbage sorting let us know that now, we have not allowed us to have too much garbage. It has brought irreversible pollution to our environment before the way to handle it, and plastic bottles as one of the most common appliances in life. As a plastic bottle manufacturer, it should also conclude the recycling or post-degradation of plastic bottles. Huizhou Koopeng plastic first-time use of degradable materials, and this is also the trend of this industry, degradable material increases However, shortened degradation time, which greatly reduces pollution to the environment. Improve production technology, use new materials, this is the problem of traditional plastic bottle manufacturers, and Huizhou Kopeng plastic has been doing, welcome to visit, or call customer service hotline 13922888294.

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