Second-hand blowing machine market problem, but the potential


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   Dongguan Rich Plastic Products specializes in producing plastic bottles, PET bottles, food plastic bottles, health products plastic bottles, HDPE plastic bottles, PET plastic bottles, food plastic packaging bottles, health products plastic packaging bottles, plastic cans, consultation phone: 0769- .   Every year, there are a large number of new plastic bottles, and there are also many plastic bottles manufacturers that cannot survive because of the factors and market stress, and have a lot of abutment. Behind these closed companies, it means a large number of second-hand blower resources. The idleness of these blow molders is basically not because of quality problems, but manufacturers cannot continue to produce.

It can be said that a large amount of blowing machine is idle, is a waste of resources.   There is no good treatment channel for second-hand blowing machines. Many new-run plastic bottles companies also do not dare to buy cost-effective second-hand blowers, but to buy a new blower machine with higher prices.

For a large number of idle status quantitations for second-hand blowers, the author believes that there are several reasons. First, the sales channel of the second-hand blowing machine is limited, and the information to find the second-hand blowing machine is not too much. The buyers and sellers are more difficult to find each other. Second, the assessment of the second-hand blower lacks the corresponding third-party institutions, often gives the seller to give relevant parameters, lack of public credibility, and the difficulty of buyers is increasing.

Finally, the second-hand blowing machine after-sales service is also a big problem. Unlike a blower machine, the second-hand blowing machine will encounter more trouble.   However, the author believes that the second-hand blowing machine market has great potential, and with all aspects, it is believed that the second-hand blowing opportunity will win the opportunity to develop.

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