Good and bad containers and packaging brought by plastic products


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Plastics are the most revolutionary affected plastic materials. According to Environmental Protection Agency, containers and packaging - including plastic bottles - a maximum category of producing plastic products. Plastic bottles are both convenient and hygienic, and there is also a large amount of resource depletion and environmental damage.

... Recycling the plastic bottle cover before recycling. Ok: It is convenient to carry a bottle of water or soda water with you, and throw it away when it is empty. It is undeniable convenience. The fountain occasionally disrupts or damaged, and it is not available anywhere.

Reusable bottles cannot throw them, if it is lost, it is expensive. You can find any drinks you want in a convenient plastic bottle, from the water to chocolate milk to juice. Good: The sanitary plastic bottle is usually cleaned than the water bottle.

Because they are for one-time use, there is no need to maintain or clean. Plastic water bottles can be reused, although they should be completely rinsed between them, and should not be widely used because possible pollution and chemical exposure. In addition, water in the plastic bottle is usually purified or filtered, so the risk of toxins in tap water is smaller.

Bad: Waste Every year, more than 26 billion plastic water bottles were thrown away, 15% of them were recovered. The bottle that is not recycling is ultimately landfilled in the landfill, which will not degrade, so they are always part of the landfill and marine waste district. According to the data of the New York Environmental Protection Department, 30 million disposable plastic bottles per day eventually enter the landfill or garbage.

Bad: Production of plastic bottles of plastic bottles is very resource, including water. The bottle of the output water is also natural gas, oil and other natural resources. According to the NEW YOZUAN Environmental Protection Department, 2005 due to plastic bottles, 800,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas are released into the atmosphere.

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