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 The materials packaged by health products are many kinds. Some people use plastic bags for their convenience, but now there are more and more people use health care plastic bottles, because health care plastic bottles are now paying attention to Green.    The health care plastic bottle is made of low-carbon cold rolled sheet with surface tin plated, and the tinned sheet itself green is environmentally friendly, and the production process has long been very mature, and there is no harmful environment, and the substance of the human body is not included. In handling pollution issues, it has been perfect and mature.

    The health products plastic bottle fabrication process is the physical and chemical method, and there is no harmful liquid, gas, and the waste angle produced during the production process. It can be recycled and will not produce pollution environments, waste resources, and health products plastic bottles. Surface painting, as long as plastic bottles are placed in a dry and cool environment, it is not easy to deform, and the solid plastic bottle has a long service life. Health products plastic bottles can also be made of PE, PET, PP, PS, etc. Metal cover. The health care plastic bottle can be matched according to the classification of the product.

If the liquid or sealing is required, it is necessary to match the aluminum foil gasket, the aluminum foil gasket requires a machine seal, such as capsules, tablets, can be selected, and the process is simple, and the machine can be sealed.    From above, we can know that the health care plastic bottle is a cost-effective package that is highly cost-effective, healthy, beautiful, low, and recyclable.

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