Guangdong PET medicinal plastic bottle processing enterprises?


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The medicinal plastic bottle is only the company's single soldiers: pharmaceutical plastic bottles involve chemical materials, machinery manufacturing, digital control, etc. It is difficult to succeed. Although my country's pharmaceutical plastic bottles in recent years have developed faster, it is basically followed by others, with almost no patents and original invention. To change this situation, there must be an organization and sufficient investment that is adapted to the development of pharmaceutical plastic bottles.

The pharmaceutical plastics produced by the pharmaceutical plastics are produced by strict production standards. The production of pharmaceutical plastic bottles contains only a small amount, slightly polyethylene xi material. Because of PET XI, polyester, polypropylene contains a large amount of toxic substance.

But it is the main material material, so a small amount of addition will not cause harm to the human body. After the addition of some other chemical substances, a pharmaceutical plastic bottle is formed by blowing. It was synthesized by a high-molecular compound at a high temperature and one thousand to 2,000 atmospheres at a high temperature and one thousand to two thousand.

It is killed under high temperature pressurization to kill the poisonous factors, and any toxic gases are in the production process. Medicinal plastic bottle extruded blow molding machine (including blow molding) cost, for example, the molding machine is about 1/3 or 1/2 of the injection molding machine. At the same time, the production cost of the product is also low.

Since the parison is formed by the extruder head under lower pressure and is blown at low pressure (most 0.2 ~ 1.0 MPa), the residual stress of the product is smaller, and the tensile, impact, bending and the environment, etc. The performance of various strains is high and has good use performance.

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